The impact of the internet on WikiLeaks

For the preliminary research phase of our group assignment, I’ve chosen the subtopic of how the internet has shaped the impact of WikiLeaks; specifically pertaining to the free flow of information over the internet, and the freedom of the press online. Through my research I hope to address multiple issues of this subtopic. Does the ease with which “greased information” travels the internet change the ethics of disclosing private, previously classified information (i.e. the names of sources, the amount of people who can access that information)? Has the idea of the internet as an ungoverned space influenced the way WikiLeaks has disseminated sensitive materials- specifically, has WikiLeaks acted within the ethical framework of professional journalism standards? Overall, I hope to examine the idea of internet freedom and WikiLeaks. Is it ethical for WikiLeaks to remain uncensored if the site doesn’t adhere to professional journalistic standards, and, is it ethical for WikiLeaks to publish classified information online where that information is quickly and widely spread across the globe? There have currently been issues raised about the journalistic integrity of the site, and the negative fallout of posting the names of individuals alongside classified documents.

Preliminary sources:

WikiLeaks Fallout: Unease Over Web Press Freedoms

WikiLeaks and Free Flow of Information on the Internet

WikiLeaks and Internet Freedom

Group Members:

Laura Coon, Forrest Duba, Joshua Hughes, Seth Packwood, Ian Richardson


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